The Civic Entrepreneur


In response to the failure of over 9000 community centres in the UK in providing the minimum of care, in addition to the uncertainty facing communities from the pandemic, the pressure on our healthcare systems to the closure of small businesses, the project investigates the new ways to enable social progress in an attempt to create and control a prosperous future for our communities.
By shifting power, the investigation started with people and not spaces by putting forward the question: what enables community members to thrive individually and collectively in their neighbourhoods?

(EN)ABLE_CustomHouse proposes a community public program specifically designed with the aspiration to enable building together, living together and dreaming together. The design process started by framing the opportunity in Custom House to understand the real needs in the community following a methodology constituting of three interconnected stages: Observe - Participate - Learn.

The project Implemented a public programming experiment to test and prototype different design-based solutions to address the social needs identified, redefining the core of future community centres, as building livelihoods, in the form of giving community members access to participate in the economy and unlock their latent talents.

Zeena Jamil